Tiano & Nareno 2015




About The Wine
Ruby red in color glinting with violet, the wine is astonishingly bright in the glass. The nose is immediately captivating, with the underlying complexity and restrained power of the greatest red wines. In just a few minutes, this sense of reserve is transformed into a floral bouquet and classic fine wine aromas. Ripe fruits, black cherries, and prunes come to the fore, alongside the violet perfume beloved of Malbec. A waft of capsicum hints subtly at the presence of Cabernet Franc. The palate swells with power and great complexity. Voluptuous but graceful nonetheless, the wine retains a sense of freshness that enlivens the senses. Skilfully wrought, the wine’s gentle tannins and oak integration are the result of careful extraction and maturation techniques. Finely poised, Tiano & Nareno is unique.